Indiana Drawdown Solution #47 – Bioplastic – FiliSoy

Throughout history, nobody believed they could run a 4 minute mile. Then one day… Roger Bannister did it. Within two years so did 37 others. Once these people knew it was possible they could break an “impossible” barrier. This is the power of success stories.

Over 100 Hoosiers are already implementing Project Drawdown solutions. Most of them just aren’t aware how much they’re helping the world drawdown emissions.

The world produces 310 million tons of plastic each year, and most of that is made from fossil fuels. 90% of that could be made from plants instead.

Enter FiliSoy, an invention by students in Indiana. It’s a filament for 3D printers made from renewable resources like corn and sugar cane. They even won seed funding from the Indiana Soybean Alliance Innovation Competition.

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