How a problem solving chiropractor created $300,000 each winter

Judith Johnson lived in North Carolina, and one day she noticed a problem. 

After pine needles fell in a nearby forest, they dried up and became a fire risk. The Forest Service had to pay a trash company to haul them away.

She knew pine needles made excellent fertilizer. So she hatched a plan.

She offered to haul them away for half the rate they paid the trash company. She also discovered that a trucking firm delivered furniture nearby. 

Their problem? They’d return to town empty, wasting labor and gas. So she’d pay them — with money from the Forest Service — to haul the pine needles. 

Then she found an abandoned parking lot. She’d store the pine needles there, turn it into mulch, and sell it to local gardeners. She’d pay local college students to manage the operation. The parking lot owner would get a percentage of sales.

This scheme created $300,000 each winter for Judith. It required nothing but noticing profitable solutions to other people’s “problems” and some initiative. Creating money out of thin air by solving problems — that’s abundance. And no money down!

Source: Jay Abraham

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