The Carbon Farming Solution – Recommended Videos

Farming practices show up all over Project Drawdown. This book is the textbook of the emerging “carbon farming” field. On the book’s website, the author lists introductory videos to topics like:

  • Tree intercropping
  • Silvopasture
  • Managed grazing
  • Perennial crops

The Carbon Farming Solution is a book we will look back upon decades from now and wonder why something so critically relevant could have been so overlooked until that time.

We are told we have a choice between chemical/GMO agriculture if we want to feed the world, or we can see children starve and adopt organic agriculture as a romantic and sentimental pursuit. Really?

Toensmeier describes a future that is in alignment with how life works, a scientific and sophisticated agricultural understanding of husbandry and biology that surpasses the productivity of industrial agriculture. What is phenomenal about these land-use solutions is that they are the only way we can bring carbon back home if we are to reverse climate change.

The title is accurate but humble: The Carbon Farming Solution describes the foundation of the future of civilization.

Paul Hawken, founder of Project Drawdown
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