Dr. Gail Bradbrook of Extinction Rebellion

She gave about 100 of these talks all over the UK. Then Extinction Rebellion took off and got international attention. This video is much more direct and honest about the grave seriousness of our situation than most other material for public consumption. Instead of offering easy hope, she encourage facing the enormity of the issue, […]

Paris to Pittsburgh

Framed around American cities and states response to the United States pulling out of the Paris Agreement. Focuses on three specific climate change related dangers — sea level rise in Florida, extreme drought and flooding in Iowa, increased wildfires in California. Then relays enormous economic opportunities in the green economy. Serious but hopeful. Produced by […]

Indiana Drawdown Solutions #73 – Green Roofs – Notre Dame To Cut Carbon Footprint by 50%

What if every building with a flat roof had a beautiful garden? [Green roofs moderate] building temperatures year-round—cooler in summer, warmer in winter. Because the energy required for heating and air-conditioning is curbed, greenhouse gas emissions are lower, as are costs. Project Drawdown solution #73 – Green Roofs Notre Dame has the largest green roof […]

Indiana Drawdown Solution #42 – Heat Pumps – Ball State University’s System Saves $2 Million Annually

Heat pumps work like refrigerators — they transfer heat from a cold space to a hot one. Ball State’s heat pump system uses underground pipes to heat and cool 47 buildings, saving $2 million annually. The building sector worldwide uses approximately 32 percent of all energy generated; more than one-third of that is for heating […]

Indiana Drawdown Solution #13 – Peatlands – Little River Wetlands Project

Did you know that peatlands — aka bogs or mires — only make up 3% of the Earth’s land area but store twice the amount of carbon as all of the world’s forests? Protecting them is an immense opportunity to manage global greenhouse gases. And did you know Indiana has many peatlands? Little River Wetlands Project is […]

Dear Indiana: Let’s Be Awesome and Break a World Record Because We Can – World’s Largest Domino

Fact #1 The largest group of scientists ever assembled in human history say we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions 45% by 2030. If we don’t, among other effects, this could cause between 100 million and 1 billion “climate refugees” around the world. If this isn’t your highest priority please immerse yourself in this article (or […]