Notes from the First International Project Drawdown Conference at Penn State

Project Drawdown‘s first international conference was Sept 16-18, 2019. Only a few who wanted to attend could. And in Indiana alone, millions of people are beginning to care deeply about global warming. They will wish they had been there, as well, once they appreciate both the crisis we’re in and the solutions Project Drawdown offers. […]

Interview with Daniel Overbey, Architect, Solution #79 Net Zero Buildings

…net zero buildings are a mosaic of separate solutions. They draw on smart windows; green roofs; efficient heating, cooling, and water systems; better insulation; distributed energy and storage; and advanced automation… Project Drawdown – #79 Net Zero Buildings Introduction Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. An international coalition of […]

Immersive Art Installation at Project Drawdown Conference

Imagine this: You’re at a conference. There’s the standard florescent lights and gray carpet, but there’s also excitement. This is the first international Project Drawdown conference. The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. Groups from around the world sent representatives: Universities. NGOs. Media. The UN. This is the Manhattan Project of our […]