Indiana Drawdown – 3rd Update

Why are you interested in Indiana Drawdown?

Contact us with your answer. Three people will receive $10…

…to Better World Books, a B Corporation HQ’d in Indiana. (Amazon: boooo!)

You see something in Indiana Drawdown. What is it?

Our first phase was Research Beast Mode™, following many paths.

Now it’s time to focus. Your perspective helps us know what’s valuable to you. That helps us grow exponentially. And then Indiana will meet the IPCC’s mandate — reduce emissions 45% by 2030.


#1 – 1:1 meetings this week with Janet “Are You Kidding Me?” McCabe and Jim “This Is Fun!” Poyser 🦘

Janet is the Director of IU’s Environmental Resilience Institute. Their recent Hoosier Resiliency Index helps Indiana communities prepare for the extreme heat and flooding that’s coming.

Jim is the Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana. Many of their programs nurture young climate leaders.

Other upcoming 1:1 meetings:

  • Evan Hynes, Co-Founder of Climate.Careers, a jobs board for Drawdown related companies
  • Brenda Freije, former minister at North United Methodist Church in Indianapolis and currently a PhD student researching healthcare and climate change in Indiana

#2 – Indiana Drawdown model spreads worldwide, sort of like the flu 🌎

People kept asking us, “How can I start my own local Drawdown chapter?”

So we asked the the people if they wanted a webinar.

“Webinar? You kidding me!? We love webinars!!” -The People

The next day 12 of these people from throughout the US and the UK participated. They want to do it again next week, and they want to bring their friends. It’s gonna be yuge.

Video recording and notes here.

#3 – Professional video released of Extinction Rebellion proposal! 🍾

Watch Daniel cry and tell his future children what’s up.

#4 – A new person joins this email list every day. ✉️

And a new person volunteers for an Indiana Drawdown progress group every week. Boom.

Just a few days ago, Daniel spoke with a retired mechanical engineer. He wants to focus on Drawdown solution #1 — managing refrigerants. So Daniel put this together for him.

But did you know 4,000 Baby Boomers will retire in Indiana this month? When just 1% of them volunteer for Indiana Drawdown progress groups, we’ll have 480 high capacity volunteers in a year.

So… who do you know? Tell them about our progress groups!

#5 – Systems map of Indiana GHG emissions gains clarity. 🏭

In our last update, we announced that a team of us is taking an online systems thinking course.

We’ve had three, two hour meetings so far. We’re mapping all GHG emissions in Indiana — specifically the physical and cultural forces which encourage or inhibit those emissions.

Why are we doing this? Because the savvy Omidyar Network recommends it. And because it’s how the well respected RE-AMP got started. Soon we’ll know high impact, overlooked places to intervene in the system to reduce emissions.

Stay tuned!

#6 – Indiana Drawdown gets new funding.

In the past nine months, Daniel invested about $120,000 in cash or opportunity costs in projects related to Drawdown in Indiana (This Family Cares, Indiana Drawdown).

But then…

John Hancock said: “What do you mean your other retirement fund?

And Chase Bank said: “No more credit for you!”

So last week he started a 20 hour/week consulting engagement with a multimillion dollar company. The goal? Renew their leadership, revitalize their slumping sales, and revivify their culture!

Yes, this means the good people of Indiana will lose 20 Daniel-hours per week.



On the other side of this engagement, though, will be a helluva case study.

Perhaps that organizational case study, these 50 case studies and testimonials, and this CV will set Indiana Drawdown up for major grants…? I heard Lilly and CICF have money, and I heard money won’t be useful when the US military collapses in 20 years because of climate change stressing our infrastructure.

#7 – Indiana Drawdown at Notre Dame. ⛪

Each year, 50 Notre Dame students minor in sustainability. Each needs a capstone project. These projects are often theoretical, concern locations outside of Indiana, or focus on low leverage areas like plastic/paper straws.

So Daniel was invited to present to 10 sustainability faculty.

What if he helped those students shepherd forward any of the 100 Drawdown solutions in Indiana? (He’s already been hired to coach over 100 social entrepreneurs.)

Or what if he presented stories of progress from throughout Indiana to inspire their capstone projects? (He’s already been hired to lead workshops for faculty and students at 20 colleges internationally.)

Or what if he developed a more in-depth Indiana Drawdown curriculum supplement for students to be used at any college in Indiana? (He’s already been paid for a college text on digital information literacy used at Purdue University.)

To help make these things happen, send your thoughts to Dr. Phil Sakimoto ( and Dr. Rachel Novick (


Why are you interested in Indiana Drawdown?

Contact us with your answer.

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