Dr. Gail Bradbrook of Extinction Rebellion

She gave about 100 of these talks all over the UK. Then Extinction Rebellion took off and got international attention. This video is much more direct and honest about the grave seriousness of our situation than most other material for public consumption. Instead of offering easy hope, she encourage facing the enormity of the issue, […]

Paris to Pittsburgh

Framed around American cities and states response to the United States pulling out of the Paris Agreement. Focuses on three specific climate change related dangers — sea level rise in Florida, extreme drought and flooding in Iowa, increased wildfires in California. Then relays enormous economic opportunities in the green economy. Serious but hopeful. Produced by […]

Become a Great Neighbor like Your Grandparents – Grow Community

This map displays the intellectual and historical context of the most effective climate action organizations today. Study them. Then put their insights into action to grow active community here in Indiana. The map is embedded below, but it’s easier to navigate on Kumu’s website.

Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System

This is a map of Indiana’s climate action ecosystem. It evolves and expands every day, with every meeting. These visual guides will help all of us see the “bigger picture” more and more clearly. Donella Meadows was a famous systems theorist. This map is based on her most famous essay, Leverage Points: Places to Intervene […]

Interview with Lore Rosenthal, Pachamama Alliance Convener Extraordinaire

>> Download MP3 Introduction Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. An international coalition of more than 200 researchers and other experts identified and modeled the 100 most substantive, already existing solutions for addressing global warming. The Pachamama Alliance Drawdown Initiative is a series of workshops that educate the […]