Indiana Drawdown – 3rd Update

Why are you interested in Indiana Drawdown? Contact us with your answer. Three people will receive $10… …to Better World Books, a B Corporation HQ’d in Indiana. (Amazon: boooo!) You see something in Indiana Drawdown. What is it? Our first phase was Research Beast Mode™, following many paths. Now it’s time to focus. Your perspective […]

Marriage Proposal at Trafalgar Square During Extinction Rebellion Action

In spring 2019, Extinction Rebellion (XR) catalyzed what’s been called “the biggest mass protest of the generation” in London. They non-violently shut down five bridges. The result? The British government declared a “climate emergency,” international media publicized XR, and tens of thousands of people joined the decentralized movement. Just a few weeks ago, in October, there was […]

How We Hoosiers Can Help Prevent Climate Breakdown

The following will be published soon in Natural Awakenings Indianapolis. Global warming is a crisis which encompasses all other social justice concerns. Billions of people are threatened. We’re in an “all hands-on deck” moment and need everyone’s gifts and passions now. The single most important thing you can do is to educate yourself, including about […]

Interview with Frank in Trafalgar Square, London, During Extinction Rebellion Climate Protest

Here’s an interview I conducted a few days ago (Oct 9) with a 80+ year old climate activist in Trafalgar Square, London. Frank’s family went through the Holocaust, he’s been campaigning for climate action for 30 years, and he’s proud his son is going to be arrested in a direct action with Extinction Rebellion (XR). […]