Making Progress

Progress groups are the heart of our mission — ensuring Indiana reduces greenhouse gas emissions 45% by 2030.

Each group is facilitated by an Indiana Drawdown Director, with the support of other passionate Hoosiers and local experts. They are based on the Drawdown sectors

  1. Buildings and Cities
  2. Electricity Generation
  3. Food
  4. Land Use
  5. Materials
  6. Transport
  7. Women and Girls

Each group oversees multiple Drawdown solutions and is responsible for shepherding them forward throughout Indiana. This may include:

  • Collecting and organizing existing knowledge
  • Finding and learning from peer groups in other states
  • Creating systems maps of relevant entities and their relationships
  • Interviewing subject matter experts
  • Estimating baseline emissions data
  • Identifying obstacles for further adoption of each Drawdown solution
  • Educating the Indiana Drawdown community about your sector

Progress group participation is open to anyone.

Interested in Joining?

Someone from Indiana Drawdown will contact you so you can learn.