Every big change begins with small individual actions. The domino [demonstration in Indiana Drawdown’s presentation], is a great example of how small, individual action can grow to impact the rest of the world.

Faustin Ntala, M.Sc. Ed., French Teacher at the International School of Indiana, Founder and President of the Board of Waza Alliance (Project Drawdown Solution #6 Educating Girls)

United States

This is an awesome example what can be done with Drawdown. A definite role model! Thanks!!

Stu Webb, Minneapolis Minnesota, Founder of Collaborative Law

BRILLIANT. I’ll take Texas! 😉

Jillian Jordan, Dallas Texas, founder of The Great Seed Bomb

Fantastic- Let’s do this in all 50 states

Tory Pearse, Idaho

Brilliant! Hooray for the Hoosiers doing Drawdown!

Robin Applegarth, California

This is just an awesome piece of work!!

Mary Beth Downing, Colorado


Danielle Lemaitre, California


[Indiana Drawdown and the concept maps are] very important. There are always people asking “what can I do”. Some cannot do things themselves but they can support those groups which are – if they know where they are.

Veronica-Mae Soar, United Kingdom

[This project is] astounding! Keep up the amazing work.

Danny Buck, United Kingdom, Associate Consultant at The Planet Mark

Systems thinking is also a great tool to use in understanding how to change human systems behaviour (and how/where resistance is likely). Love Stroh’s book “Systems Thinking for Social Change” that combines an intro to systems thinking concepts with human systems behaviour.

Leigh Baker, Australia, Sustainability Communications Lead, Drawdown Australia

Très intéressant.

Hubert Martin, France, Manages La Maison de l’Economie Circulaire and L’Atelier Soudé

this is really cool, excited to dive in


I’ll check it and provide feedback. I’m in México. Congrats! Great work!

Leonel Alberto Guitian Berniser, Mexico

Hey that’s great. We’re about to start working on it in a suburb of Munich in Germany. Looking always for inspiration!

Christoph Schaaf, Germany

Love [these concept maps] – systems thinking and visualization.

Neil Ian